The Power of Native Plants & Landscaping for Biodiversity

03/28/2019 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM ET


  • Free


Great Hall, Camp Cedar Hill
265 Beaver Street
North Waltham, MA 02452
United States of America


Attend this talk about the importance, ease and reward of landscaping with native plants. Free, but a $10 donation at the door is suggested.


Come learn why native plants are so valuable to ecosystem health on all landscapes, large and small! Claudia Thompson, Founder of Grow Native Massachusetts, will explain the co-evolution of plants and animals; the differences among native, naturalized, and invasive plants; and the food web that links plants to insects, birds, wildlife, and humans. Using her 7,000 square foot garden in Cambridge, MA as a case study, she will discuss the principles for stewarding landscapes that are places of beauty and biodiversity, and especially how to create habitat for birds. She will also give an overview of resources available to learn more about native plants and ecological gardening, as well as tips for sourcing native plants from the nursery trade. This program shares the joy that comes with using native plants, and will equip you with knowledge to use many more of them throughout your landscape projects.

Free, but a $10 donation at the door is suggested. Please register in advance to confirm your seat, as space is limited. Recommended for 9th graders and older.

More about Claudia and her background here.

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