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A Walk in the Park:
A Guide to Plant Communities at Prospect Hill Park, Waltham, Massachusetts

by Lesley Sneddon

We are now out of stock of this fantastic book! We’re determining if we plan to order more—stay tuned!

This book is a nature guide for the non-scientist interested in learning about plants and basic ecology. Although the subject is Prospect Hill Park, much of the information can be applied to other parks in the area. The book includes descriptions of 16 plant communities, with photos of featured plants, and maps of their locations. In addition, plants found in each community are listed in table format.

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Recent Review

What I love about Lesley's book is you don't have to take a walk in the park to appreciate it. It's great arm chair reading plus you can learn a lot about what's growing in your own backyard. Especially if you live close to the park like I do. Earlier this month I noticed a new plant growing on our ledge--tall and straight. I had no idea what it was and since there were so many all at once I worried that it could be invasive. I tried pulling one up, but it wouldn't budge so I let them be. A few weeks ago we noticed chipmunks performing acrobatic feats on our ledge. A close look with binoculars revealed they were jumping, leaping and grasping at those very plants pulling them down and trying to get at the seed heads. Hmmm. I went for Lesley's book and identified the plant: Round-headed bush clover! The chipmunks were stuffing themselves silly with the seeds.  But how did it get there?? I'd never noticed it before. Lesley explains that the plant is popular with turkeys. And that is the source I am sure for the turkeys who wander through our yard from time to time must've deposited the seeds.  

Thanks, Lelsey!

Linda Graetz 9/24/2021

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